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Amazon Theatre

Amazon Theatre
Teatro Amazonas
Celestial SacardimBrowse all buildings by Celestial SacardimBrowse all buildings by Celestial Sacardim
BrazilBrowse all buildings in BrazilBrowse all buildings in Brazil
ManausBrowse ManausBrowse Manaus
Building type
Opera houseBrowse all Opera housesBrowse all Opera houses
92 mBrowse 92 mBrowse 92 m
Current tenants
Amazonas PhilharmonicBrowse Amazonas PhilharmonicBrowse Amazonas Philharmonic
Floor count
3Browse 3Browse 3
Amazonas (Brazilian state)Browse Amazonas (Brazilian state)Browse Amazonas (Brazilian state)
Seating capacity
701Browse 701Browse 701
Renaissance ArchitectureBrowse Renaissance ArchitectureBrowse Renaissance Architecture
Year construction started
1884Browse all buildings from 1884Browse all buildings from 1884
Year inaugurated
1896Browse 1896Browse 1896


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