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Augsburg Town Hall

Augsburg Town Hall
Augsburger Rathaus
Elias HollBrowse all buildings by Elias HollBrowse all buildings by Elias Holl
Augsburg, GermanyBrowse Augsburg, GermanyBrowse Augsburg, Germany
Building type
Town HallBrowse all Town HallsBrowse all Town Halls
Year of completion
1624Browse all buildings from 1624Browse all buildings from 1624
100000 Baden guldenBrowse 100000 Baden guldenBrowse 100000 Baden gulden
Floor count
SevenBrowse SevenBrowse Seven
Renaissance ArchitectureBrowse Renaissance ArchitectureBrowse Renaissance Architecture
Year construction started
1615Browse all buildings from 1615Browse all buildings from 1615
Year renovated
1980Browse 1980Browse 1980


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