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Granite Tower

Granite Tower
Harrison G. Fagg and Associates.Browse all buildings by Harrison G. Fagg and Associates.Browse all buildings by Harrison G. Fagg and Associates.
Billings, MontanaBrowse Billings, MontanaBrowse Billings, Montana
Building type
Corporate OfficesBrowse all Corporate OfficessBrowse all Corporate Officess
Year of completion
1975Browse all buildings from 1975Browse all buildings from 1975
Antenna height
NoneBrowse NoneBrowse None
Elevator count
2Browse 2Browse 2
Floor count
11Browse 11Browse 11
Roof height
130 ftBrowse 130 ftBrowse 130 ft
Top floor height
UnknownBrowse UnknownBrowse Unknown
Year construction started
1974Browse all buildings from 1974Browse all buildings from 1974


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