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Edificio España

Edificio España
Julián OtamendiBrowse all buildings by Julián OtamendiBrowse all buildings by Julián Otamendi
Plaza de España (Madrid), Madrid, SpainBrowse Plaza de España (Madrid), Madrid, SpainBrowse Plaza de España (Madrid), Madrid, Spain
Building type
Hotel, Office (currently unused)Browse all Hotel, Office (currently unused)sBrowse all Hotel, Office (currently unused)s
Year of completion
1953Browse all buildings from 1953Browse all buildings from 1953
MetrovacesaBrowse all buildings by MetrovacesaBrowse all buildings by Metrovacesa
Elevator count
32Browse 32Browse 32
Floor count
25Browse 25Browse 25
Grupo SantanderBrowse Grupo SantanderBrowse Grupo Santander
Roof height
117 mBrowse 117 mBrowse 117 m
Structural Engineer
Joaquín OtamendiBrowse Joaquín OtamendiBrowse Joaquín Otamendi
Year construction started
1947Browse all buildings from 1947Browse all buildings from 1947


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