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Holiday Inn, "Sugar Shaker"

Holiday Inn, "Sugar Shaker"
Townsville, AustraliaBrowse Townsville, AustraliaBrowse Townsville, Australia
Building type
HotelBrowse all HotelsBrowse all Hotels
Year of completion
1976Browse all buildings from 1976Browse all buildings from 1976
320 Flinders Street
Floor count
23Browse 23Browse 23
Former name
Hotel Townsville, Travelodge, Townsville International Hotel, Centra Townsville
76 metresBrowse 76 metresBrowse 76 metres
Holiday Inn, AustraliaBrowse Holiday Inn, AustraliaBrowse Holiday Inn, Australia
modernBrowse modernBrowse modern
Year construction started
1975Browse all buildings from 1975Browse all buildings from 1975


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