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Henninger Turm

Henninger Turm
Karl LieserBrowse all buildings by Karl LieserBrowse all buildings by Karl Lieser
Hainer Weg 60, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, GermanyBrowse Hainer Weg 60,  Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, GermanyBrowse Hainer Weg 60, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
Building type
Grain siloBrowse all Grain silosBrowse all Grain silos
Year of completion
1961Browse all buildings from 1961Browse all buildings from 1961
Antenna height
120 mBrowse 120 mBrowse 120 m
Elevator count
2Browse 2Browse 2
Floor count
33Browse 33Browse 33
Henninger-Bräu AGBrowse Henninger-Bräu AGBrowse Henninger-Bräu AG
Roof height
110 mBrowse 110 mBrowse 110 m
Modern ArchitectureBrowse Modern ArchitectureBrowse Modern Architecture
Top floor height
107 mBrowse 107 mBrowse 107 m
Year construction started
1959Browse all buildings from 1959Browse all buildings from 1959


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