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WZMH Architects, Roger SaubotBrowse all buildings by WZMH Architects, Roger SaubotBrowse all buildings by WZMH Architects, Roger Saubot
FranceBrowse all buildings in FranceBrowse all buildings in France
La Défense, (Courbevoie)Browse La Défense, (Courbevoie)Browse La Défense, (Courbevoie)
Building type
OfficeBrowse all OfficesBrowse all Offices
Year of completion
1985Browse all buildings from 1985Browse all buildings from 1985
Antenna height
190 mBrowse 190 mBrowse 190 m
Floor area
130 000 m²Browse 130 000 m²Browse 130 000 m²
Floor count
48Browse 48Browse 48
Roof height
187 mBrowse 187 mBrowse 187 m
Modern ArchitectureBrowse Modern ArchitectureBrowse Modern Architecture
Year construction started
1982Browse all buildings from 1982Browse all buildings from 1982


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