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Isrotel Tower

Isrotel Tower
A Gvirtzman ArchitectsBrowse all buildings by A Gvirtzman ArchitectsBrowse all buildings by A Gvirtzman Architects
Tel Aviv, IsraelBrowse Tel Aviv, IsraelBrowse Tel Aviv, Israel
Building type
Hotel,, ApartmentsBrowse all Hotel,, ApartmentssBrowse all Hotel,, Apartmentss
Year of completion
1997Browse all buildings from 1997Browse all buildings from 1997
$30 millionBrowse $30 millionBrowse $30 million
Floor count
29Browse 29Browse 29
IsrotelBrowse IsrotelBrowse Isrotel
Roof height
108 mBrowse 108 mBrowse 108 m


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