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Orchid Heights

Orchid Heights
Mumbai, IndiaBrowse Mumbai, IndiaBrowse Mumbai, India
Building type
Residential apartmentsBrowse all Residential apartmentssBrowse all Residential apartmentss
Year of completion
2013Browse all buildings from 2013Browse all buildings from 2013
DB RealtyBrowse all buildings by DB RealtyBrowse all buildings by DB Realty
Elevator count
6Browse 6Browse 6
Floor count
80Browse 80Browse 80
DB RealtyBrowse DB RealtyBrowse DB Realty
Roof height
328 mBrowse 328 mBrowse 328 m
Top floor height
328 mBrowse 328 mBrowse 328 m
Year construction started
2007Browse all buildings from 2007Browse all buildings from 2007


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