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Останкинская телебашня

Останкинская телебашня
Ostankino Tower
Nikolai NikitinBrowse all buildings by Nikolai NikitinBrowse all buildings by Nikolai Nikitin
Russian FederationBrowse all buildings in Russian FederationBrowse all buildings in Russian Federation
Moscow, RussiaBrowse Moscow, RussiaBrowse Moscow, Russia
Building type
Observation, telecommunications, tourismBrowse all Observation, telecommunications, tourismsBrowse all Observation, telecommunications, tourisms
Year of completion
1967Browse all buildings from 1967Browse all buildings from 1967
Antenna height
540.10 mBrowse 540.10 mBrowse 540.10 m
Elevator count
11Browse 11Browse 11
Floor area
15 000 m²Browse 15 000 m²Browse 15 000 m²
Floor count
120 (equivalent)Browse 120 (equivalent)Browse 120 (equivalent)
Roof height
385.40 mBrowse 385.40 mBrowse 385.40 m
Top floor height
540 mBrowse 540 mBrowse 540 m
Year construction started
1963Browse all buildings from 1963Browse all buildings from 1963


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