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Wisconsin Tower

Wisconsin Tower
Weary and AlfordBrowse all buildings by Weary and AlfordBrowse all buildings by Weary and Alford
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United StatesBrowse Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United StatesBrowse Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Building type
SkyscraperBrowse all SkyscrapersBrowse all Skyscrapers
Year of completion
1930Browse all buildings from 1930Browse all buildings from 1930
606 West Wisconsin Avenue
Elevator count
4Browse 4Browse 4
Floor count
22Browse 22Browse 22
Former name
Mariner Tower
285 ftBrowse 285 ftBrowse 285 ft
Roof height
250 ftBrowse 250 ftBrowse 250 ft
art decoBrowse art decoBrowse art deco
Year construction started
1929Browse all buildings from 1929Browse all buildings from 1929
Year renovated
2005Browse 2005Browse 2005


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