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U2 Tower

U2 Tower
Foster and PartnersBrowse all buildings by Foster and PartnersBrowse all buildings by Foster and Partners
Dublin, Republic of irelandBrowse Dublin, Republic of irelandBrowse Dublin, Republic of ireland
Building type
Apartment BuildingBrowse all Apartment BuildingsBrowse all Apartment Buildings
Year of completion
2013Browse all buildings from 2013Browse all buildings from 2013
Euro200 millionBrowse Euro200 millionBrowse Euro200 million
GerangerBrowse all buildings by GerangerBrowse all buildings by Geranger
Roof height
130 mBrowse 130 mBrowse 130 m
Structural Engineer
arupBrowse arupBrowse arup
Year construction started
2011Browse all buildings from 2011Browse all buildings from 2011


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