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Chifley Tower

Chifley Tower
Kohn Pedersen FoxBrowse all buildings by Kohn Pedersen FoxBrowse all buildings by Kohn Pedersen Fox
Sydney, AustraliaBrowse Sydney, AustraliaBrowse Sydney, Australia
Building type
OfficeBrowse all OfficesBrowse all Offices
Year of completion
1992Browse all buildings from 1992Browse all buildings from 1992
Antenna height
241 mBrowse 241 mBrowse 241 m
Australian dollar 1.2 billionBrowse Australian dollar 1.2 billionBrowse Australian dollar 1.2 billion
SYBrowse all buildings by SYBrowse all buildings by SY
Elevator count
28Browse 28Browse 28
Floor area
90 000 m²Browse 90 000 m²Browse 90 000 m²
Floor count
53Browse 53Browse 53
Roof height
216 mBrowse 216 mBrowse 216 m


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