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Riparian Plaza

Riparian Plaza
Harry SeidlerBrowse all buildings by Harry SeidlerBrowse all buildings by Harry Seidler
AustraliaBrowse all buildings in AustraliaBrowse all buildings in Australia
Brisbane, QueenslandBrowse Brisbane, QueenslandBrowse Brisbane, Queensland
Building type
Mixed-useBrowse all Mixed-usesBrowse all Mixed-uses
Year of completion
2005Browse all buildings from 2005Browse all buildings from 2005
Antenna height
250 mBrowse 250 mBrowse 250 m
MultiplexBrowse all buildings by MultiplexBrowse all buildings by Multiplex
BloombergBrowse all buildings by BloombergBrowse all buildings by Bloomberg
Elevator count
13Browse 13Browse 13
Floor area
55 000 m²Browse 55 000 m²Browse 55 000 m²
Floor count
53Browse 53Browse 53
Official website
Roof height
200 mBrowse 200 mBrowse 200 m
Structural Engineer
Robert Bird GroupBrowse Robert Bird GroupBrowse Robert Bird Group
Top floor height
188 mBrowse 188 mBrowse 188 m
Year construction started
2002Browse all buildings from 2002Browse all buildings from 2002


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