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Landhaus Lemke

Landhaus Lemke
Ludwig Mies van der RoheBrowse all buildings by Ludwig Mies van der RoheBrowse all buildings by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
BerlinBrowse all buildings in BerlinBrowse all buildings in Berlin
GermanyBrowse all buildings in GermanyBrowse all buildings in Germany
Year of completion
1933Browse all buildings from 1933Browse all buildings from 1933
Oberseestra├če 60, 13053 Berlin
Karl LemkeBrowse Karl LemkeBrowse Karl Lemke
Construction method
brickBrowse brickBrowse brick
Year planning started
1932Browse 1932Browse 1932
Year renovated
2000-2002Browse 2000-2002Browse 2000-2002


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