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community centreBrowse all community centresBrowse all community centres
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Year of completion
2005Browse all buildings from 2005Browse all buildings from 2005
Acoustics consultant
Jansen Raadgevend IngenieursbureauBrowse Jansen Raadgevend IngenieursbureauBrowse Jansen Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau
Catharinaplein 21, 5622 DE Eindhoven, Netherlands
Municipality EindhovenBrowse Municipality EindhovenBrowse Municipality Eindhoven
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€ 5640000Browse € 5640000Browse € 5640000
Floor area
4000 m²Browse 4000 m²Browse 4000 m²
Services engineer
DHVBrowse DHVBrowse DHV
Structural Engineer
Adviesbureau TielemansBrowse Adviesbureau TielemansBrowse Adviesbureau Tielemans


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