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Communications Centre

Communications Centre
BEP AkitektBrowse all buildings by BEP AkitektBrowse all buildings by BEP Akitekt
SingaporeBrowse all buildings in SingaporeBrowse all buildings in Singapore
31 Exter Road, SingaporeBrowse 31 Exter Road, SingaporeBrowse 31 Exter Road, Singapore
Building type
Commercial officesBrowse all Commercial officessBrowse all Commercial officess
Year of completion
1980Browse all buildings from 1980Browse all buildings from 1980
Antenna height
145 mBrowse 145 mBrowse 145 m
Floor count
32Browse 32Browse 32
SingTelBrowse SingTelBrowse SingTel
Roof height
140 mBrowse 140 mBrowse 140 m
Year construction started
1979Browse all buildings from 1979Browse all buildings from 1979


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