e.g. Architect:Santiago Calatrava • Height:10ft-100m • Museum chart tool

This tool can be used to visualise and correlate variables in the database. Two types of charts are available:
  • Histogram
    Finds the distribution of values for a certain variable. To use this type of chart specify a key only for the horizontal axis below. In such a chart every building is represented as a dot on the canvas. Hovering over the dot with your mouse cursor will provide an image and link to the building.
  • Scatter plot
    Can be used to find correlation between two variables. To use this type of chart assign a key to both the horizontal and vertical axis. In such a chart all the buildings are spread over a set of intervals, or bins. The bins are represented as a bar of which the height reflects the amount of buildings within that interval. Hovering over the bar with your mouse cursor displays a set of images and a link to the set of buildings contained in the interval.
  • This chart tool operates on keys of which the values are numerical in nature. Textual data like names can not be represented in this charting tool.
  • In addition to assigning variables to the axes, filtering can be used to limit the data set to the buildings you are interested in. Filtering tools are provided at the top of this page.
  • Please take some time for the chart to load as the data sets can be quite large.
  • Note that all buildings and pictures on are provided by the community. Please consider helping out by adding new buildings, completing data or providing pictures.